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Are you Fed up with trying to get your website or YT Video noticed ?
Then I have some good news for you..
What Would You Say, If We Told You That We Could Literally Send Hundreds of Laser Targeted Visitors to Your Website Everyday
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And then ...See Google™ reward you by sending even more free traffic to your web-site,
Even If
 Not One Of Those Visitors we sent had Actually ever visited your website!

We Can Tell You What Most Of Your Competitors Would Say If They were Smart...

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What Would You Say?

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Gee,  that sounds great, but I already have more traffic than I can handle...

I don't need any more traffic to my web site, and I don't want to make any more sales.  I have already made so much money, I barely have time to spend what I have...

WOW! This sounds like a winner, but I usually wait until everyone else has made all the money before I like to act on something this hot...  This way when I fail, I have an excuse...


Where Do I Sign Up?

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 Please Immediately Disconnect From The Internet!

Grab A Big Bag Of Potato chips,  and The T.V. Remote, sit down and watch a movie as I'm sure with all the cable channels available now you should be able to catch a re-run of "Lost" or "The Nowhere Man".

If You Checked the 4th Box, take 10 minutes and read our special report below, You won't believe what you are about to see!

From: Geoff Lord


Dear Friend,


Just because you built that super looking website, it... does not mean that visitors will come to your site to see what you have to offer.  However; Wouldn't it be nice if getting tons of high quality, highly targeted traffic to your web site was that easy...

Sad But True....  It's Nowhere Close To That Easy...

I'm here today hoping that I am not making a big mistake by telling you about this amazing new traffic generation discovery. 

After struggling with the decision on whether or not to share this discovery with anyone else, we find ourselves so overwhelmed with the results that our team are getting using this method, that we're quite honestly having a hard time keeping it to ourselves...

You see, the fact of the matter is... this new traffic generation system is so powerful that originally after using it ourselves to run tests on our web sites for the past few months, we had decided there was absolutely no way we were going to share it on a large scale. (We're still not revealing everything -- keep reading to see what we mean..)

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sharing this big secret because I'm the type of person that just needs recognition from large numbers of people to feel good about what I've done.  I have just decided it would be selfish of me not to share this with a small group of fellow Internet marketers.  Not to mention.... Hey I'm a capitalist...  Yep, just like you.....   You would not be reading this if that last statement wasn't true.   I admit it, I'm in this game to try to make a few bucks...  ssshhh... that's our little secret...

When I first discovered this new traffic generation technology, I was so filled with anticipation of what was to come, my mouth was literally watering.

I first discussed this method, along with a few of my internet marketing friends who had been asked to test some new software that one of them had just developed.

While most all of these people asked not to be named here, I can tell you some of them are the biggest Internet marketers that you have never heard of......

You Have never heard of these guys because they are the kind of people that are making so much money on the net that they do not dare make themselves known.

They are smart enough to fly under the radar so to speak....

You won't find these guys speaking at all the big seminars or hanging out in the Internet marketing forums, for fear of someone figuring out what they are doing and trying to duplicate it.

Heck, these are my friends and usually I don't even know most of what they have going on... I also know not to ask...

A few others are some of the big name Internet marketing "Gurus" that already have huge email lists and tons of their own traffic generating ideas.

You know the type... a twice a month tele-seminar marketer with an email list that could sink a ship. 

You would recognize most of their names if you have attended any of the big Internet marketing seminars lately, or keep up on all the new Internet marketing software and e-books that come out on a regular basis...

While both of these types of Internet marketers have a lot of different ideas about marketing on the Internet and would rarely agree with each others marketing ideas, if any of them were sharing their ideas.......

They All Agreed On This.....

Do Not tell anyone about this incredible traffic generation system. It's just way too powerful, let's just keep this one to ourselves...

Well after thinking about it long and hard, I've decided...

I'm spilling the beans....

Yep, you read that correctly... 

At risk of upsetting some of my big marketing buddies,  people I highly respect,  I am going against their advice and sharing this insanely powerful traffic generation system with a select few people... 

but only if you qualify...

Once you have my system in working for you, it will start working from day one.  The best part is that once it's turned on... it absolutely runs on 100% auto-pilot behind the scenes

YES... You can actually have "visitors" crawling all over your site whilst you sleep,

you can even relax at whilst you're at the movies, while you're on vacation, you name it.... You'r site will getting "visitors" on a constant basis, and all without you having to lif a finger once you have taken the first initial steps to get this amazing discovery working for you!

So What's The Big Secret?

Well up until now, this top traffic generation technology has been something that ONLY a few of my closest friends know about.

Now I'm going to share the secret. But not only am I going to share the secret, I am going to make it available to a few of our close associates so that you can just sit back and let us take care of getting those elusive "visitors" to your website for you !!

We will put this secret traffic generation discovery into action to send traffic to any of your domains to not only promote your own products but also any affiliate programs you may wish to promote as well.

You will be able to control just how many visitors you want to your website each day !! such an insane amount of traffic to your web sites that Google™ is going to see your traffic stats go through the roof and your bounce rate will be reduced to such a low level that Google™ will reward you by sending you even more traffic !! and your visitor stats are going to jump by rates you never imagined possible!

You can also use this system to drive visitors to your affiliate products.  The best part is that you can use this system to promote affiliate products with the possibility of being able to outsell not only the creator of the product that they are promoting, but also a major portion of all the other affiliates for that product combined...

OK... OK... so what is this big secret?

Our Top Secret Super Sleuth "Traffic-Supercharger"

And believe me when I say, our Traffic-Supercharger will Literally send Tons of Laser Targeted "Visitors" to Your Web site Everyday... At Virtually No Cost To You...

And... you will still see the amazing benefits of increased traffic   Even though   None of that "traffic" we send is actually a real visitor, or even see your Product!

OK OK, I hear you say !! How is it possible to get visitors to your website if no one actually visits your website !!!

Let us explain a little bit about how this works.....

Traffic-Supercharger uses specially developed software which will automatically search for every keyword your website is indexed for, including your main keywords.....

As an example, if your product keyphrase is something like "Gastric Band Surgery" you would normally enter this key-Phrase into a Google™ search bar so that your browser then goes off and checks to see if it can find your website on Google™ search results "listed within the first ten pages of Google™ index for the"key-Phrase "gastric band surgery". Click here to see it listed like this.

The next thing we will do is to send our top secret spider crawling the Google™ index to find your listed webpage for each of these laser targeted keywords. So once our "Traffic-Supercharger spider" finds the link it will automatically click on that link and visit your website !!

Isn't that neat !!

Think That Will Bring some extra "love" from Google™?

You Can Bet The Farm On It....

The thing with Google™ is that we all know that they love websites that get lots of traffic from generic search results !!. 

The other big benefit is that we also know that google™ loves websites with low bounce rates !! So we decided to solve that little problem too !!

With our system you will be now be able to easily and automatically generate tons off traffic to your website, using multiple keywords. Simply tell us the how many visitors you want and our team then go out and do all the work for you. You can then sit back safe in the knowledge that we are sending automated, generic search traffic to your website, even whilst you are sleeping !!

Each of these hundreds of searches will be laser targeted for your search engine listed keywords to improve your web-sites generic traffic results on Google™ analytics, whilst at the same time reducing your traffic "Bounce Rate" to further boost your Google™ analytics results because our sytem will not only visit your website, it will actually scroll down the entry page, pause for a while, and then click on another internal link on your website and go visit that too !!!

Isn't that Amazing !!

If you are trying to use "regular Search Engine Optimization techniques to get your pages ranked higher for the same terms that everyone else is, it's common sense that you can't all rank on the top of the search engine for the same keywords isn't it !!.

BUT... If you could somehow make Google™ think that your website was more popular than your competitors for any given keyword in the top 10 pages of Google™ search results, what do you think will happen to your business?

We all know that if you are not in the top 20 results, then you may as well not even be listed in the search engine.  With our system, you can make it appear like you have thousands of visitors crawling over your website every day of the week, or month for that matter !!

We know that there are tons of programs on the market that will create Doorway Pages, Smart pages, Cloaking Pages, Flash Forwarding Pages etc... the list goes on and on....

But you need to be very careful when using these types of programs though. With all of these systems, it's only a matter of time until you risk getting your website de-listed from the search engines because of the footprint you are creating for Google™ to find...

What Makes Traffic-Supercharger Different?

  • Traffic-Supercharger actually mimics what a regular website visitor does,  It activates a search on Google™, searches for your listing which already exists, then clicks on the that link just as a normal person would, it then scrolls down the page and sits there viewing the content just like a regular visitor does, and then it even looks for an internal link to a second page on your website, and clicks on to that page, sits there for a while just like a regular visitor, scrolls down the page just like a regular visitor, and than closes the page totally mimicking a regular search activity.

    Before we implemented this system, we used to employ Va's (Virtual Assistants) to do this activity by hand.  While that still sent us a ton of traffic, it took an enormous amount of time for a "Zombie" person to sit in front of a computer clicking away all day !!!.  However !! With our new traffic generation system we now receive many more targeted hits every day -- all due to this system.

  • Traffic-Supercharger uses only ethical methods to achieve these results which actually mimic human activity which will not get you banned by search engines.

Search engines love this type of traffic because every time a search engine spider visits your site it registers a new visitor and over time improves your SERPS rankings because it registers your site as being popular with a steady flow of visitors.

Traffic-Supercharger can also be used to create visitors to YouTube™ !!! 

One of the recent changes on YouTube™ virtually wiped out hundreds of thousands of users adsense money making links by stopping them from monetizing their videos !!! Not only that, they made it so that your video channel needed over 40,000 visitors a year to qualify for monetizing their videos going forward, which most people will find virtually impossible to achieve!!

Well the good news is that here at Traffic-SuperCharger we can fix that too !!!

Yes, We can apply the same process on YouTube™ !! We will send visitors to your YouTube™ video using your key-phrases, the system will search YouTube™ for your listing, click to watch the video, and then sit there and watch a video of your choice for as long as you choose, and then exit just like a regular visitor would !! Do you Think that will improve your chances of getting your visitor rate lifted to enable you to monetize your site again !!

In Short, our unique Traffic-Supercharger method will Automatically create a constant stream of visitors to your site to Promote Your Own Products or services, or even your Affiliate pages.

When you consider that even though no one actually sees your content you are still a winner because Google™ will reward you by increasing your SERPS results and rank your site even higher in the search engines listings because it will see it as a popular website with a steady flow of visitors, visitors who actually stay on your site and browse around for a while and then even go to another page on your site and browse around there for a while before leaving!


We forgot to mention that we can even get our Traffic-Supercharger to do the same for Google Maps™ search results !! Yes we can send off our super sleuth spider to carry out searches for your listing on Google Maps™ listings too !!

Did you know that Google™ recognises the value of your Maps™ listings, and that if you have it set up properly with a link to your website, that your Maps™ listing will be ranked even higher in the Google™ Maps™ box listings !! We discovered this little know fact quite by accident when we were running early tests of our system.
SO..we sent off our Traffic-Supercharger tools to carry out searches on Google™ Maps™ listings to do more testing. We applied the same principle and did searches for our Maps™ listed keywords to find the listing on a map search, our super sleuth spider visited the listing on Google™ Maps™, and then wandered around for a while, then it clicked on the link to our website and sat there for a while before exiting the search, and guess what? It worked !!!

So there you have it, finally, a system that actually works is available to give your web site an incredible laser targeted "Traffic-Supercharger" Boost !! 

Hi Geoff,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love the result you have achieved for me since I started using Traffic-SuperCharger.
This is definitely the easiest way I have ever seen for generating traffic to my websites, YouTube™ Videos and Google Maps™ Listings

You've left nothing to the imagination, any questions I had were answered immediately just by clicking one of the help buttons.

Not only do I have some amazing visitor results, I'm also looking at increased rankings in the SERPS for my website, and I am gradually creeping towards the required 40,000 visitors I need to be able to monetize my YouTube™ Channel again

Another nice feature is the follow-up emails that you've been sending with "tips and tricks" to help me in other areas of Search Engine Marketing.

I've only been using the script for about 3 weeks, and today when I checked all of my listings had improved on Google™. When I checked my web logs I saw that my main site has been getting spidered more than usual, and than I had far more visits than I asked for so it appears that Traffic-SuperCharger has also increased my regular traffic because of the higher listings in the search results pages.

Now that I know your method really works for my main sites I will be requesting more traffic for my keyword pages for more of my affiliate programs I am promoting.

Thanks Geoff, for creating such a fantastic system, you've got a top notch product.

I highly recommend Traffic-SuperCharger to anyone who is looking for more traffic and the opportunity to increase their overall search results.

To your success!

Bruce Andrews

Hi There Geoff

I want to say thanks for giving me advance access to your Traffic Supercharger system. The initial test run you set up for visitors to my Keyword listed pages started showing within minutes.

Within 2 weeks of starting my web site went from a an average of page 2 and 3 listings on Google™ to some of them appearing on page 1 which I had been trying to achieve for months using traditional SEO methods.

Wow..because of the higher ranked listing we are now getting enquirers for our services from all over the World.

I highly commend you for providing such a great resource which is so easy to use and it goes without saying we are delighted with the results

Thank You....

Tullia Law
Marketing and Sales Manager
Medicare Services Ltd

You now Know that it is possible to increase the visitor profile of your website, YouTube™ Video, or even your Google Maps™ listing.... 

At this point you may be asking yourself....  How can I get access to this super system?....

And how much will it cost me to access the incredible Traffic Generating Machine?

Well, for a very limited time Traffic-Supercharger is not for sale at any price...

Yep... you heard correctly....


For a very limited time , and for the first 20 people only you can claim access to Traffic-Supercharger at absolutely no charge to you!

But there is a catch... 

To qualify to try out this amazing system   at Traffic-Supercharger, you must agree to provide us with your honest opinion and testimonial about how Traffic-Supercharger has helped your web business.

Now we do not want a sugar coated version -- if you do not like it, tell us.  This way we can make the changes you would like to see in the next version.  This will make it even better as we know we will get some great feedback from you on the current version.

While you must be thinking right now we have to be "Totally Insane" to be offering you free access to this incredibly powerful "Traffic Grabbing system" that should easily be selling for $99.00 a month, possibly even $ 197.00, but we can tell you this...  It will not be Free for long.

We are looking for just 20 people to test the results for 1 Month and report their results back to us so that we can use the statistics feedback we will be getting from you about your results using this service Your feed back will be worth a fortune to us and that information is our motivation...

That, and there's one last catch...... 

To continue using your complimentary access of Traffic-Supercharger, you have to agree to stay subscribed to our monthly newsletter. Sure, you can unsubscribe at anytime but the second you do, you will also stop receiving the monthly user access to continue using Traffic-Supercharger...

Now you may think giving you free access to Traffic-Supercharger is a heck of a bribe on our part just to get your opinion on our new system and to get you to subscribe to a newsletter that will give you so many additional money making ideas every month that we should be charging you to subscribe to it anyway...

But we think it's smart marketing.

The feedback we get from you about this incredible system will be invaluable to us, not to mention when you see how awesome our Traffic-Supercharger system is, I feel confident you will be getting out your wallet and begging me to take your money the next time we release a product of this caliber...


If you get to the next page and find out that all the free licenses for access to the Traffic-Supercharger system are gone, then we are sorry...  But Don't Panic !!..We will reopen access to the system as soon as we have the testimonials and proof of concept from our testing team..


.....We Are Sorry But this Offer Is Closed Until Further Notice....

Keep coming back to check when access is re-opened

To your Success,


Geoff Lord

PS – Take action today!  This is a very limited time offer...

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